Kenya Careers Information Guide

A Comprehensive A-Z Guide to Career Information in Kenya


  • An essential Guide for all young people seeking to make a Career Choice
  • Gives a wide variety of Certificate, Diploma, Professional, Bachelor, Masters and Doctorate Career Courses offered at over 1,000 universities and colleges in Kenya.
  • The Guide carries over 300 CAREERS where you learn about:

Satisfying and Demanding aspects of each career
Professional requirements of each career
Compulsory basic subjects required for each career
Recommended subjects for greater success in each career
Period and Level of training required for a successful career
Admissions requirements to each level of training (every institution will have its own minimum entry requirements).
Employment opportunities available for each career
Careers with good prospects for Private Practice or Self-employment.
Prospective Employer(s) for each career.


  • The Print and Online versions will help you to drastically reduce the cost of marketing/selling your programmes.
  • Online version enables you publicise not only your programmes but also all your college/university facilities at a fraction of the traditional media cost such as Newspapers, Television, Radio and Billboards.
  • Online version gives you flexibility to change your publicity message as many times as possible at no cost.
  • The two versions, the Print and Online, go directly to your current and future consumers in their Schools, Colleges,Universities and Homes.