The New-Look Kenya Guide

This is a one stop-shop platform for all information on the 48 governments in Kenya, the National and the 47 County governments, which make reference and presentation of important information easier and convenient. 

Coming complete with an online version, www.newlookkenya.com, this Guide profiles and promotes the 48 governments as one Country and one Nation. It provides a comprehensive list of institutions and persons who are currently shaping the future of Kenya and therefore mandated by the constitution to create a modern and prosperous Nation. 

Since it is a private sector initiative, it has been made sufficiently business-friendly so that it can also be used to promote and market businesses, especially those seeking to engage with National and County governments and their institutions, considering that government and private businesses and activities are intertwined. 

The following is what makes this Guide and its online version better placed to provide greater benefits and advantages over the conventional media: 

  • Provides names and contacts of all elected and appointed persons in the National and County governments, Senate, National and County assemblies, Constitutional commissions and Authorities, State agencies, Public and Private universities and key private sector firms and institutions - the people who are charting the future of Kenya, 
  • Provides names and contacts of all key public and private sector firms and institutions, 
  • Provides names and contacts of local and international organizations involved in the transformation of Kenya socially, economically and politically, 
  • Provides names and contacts of Kenya diplomats abroad and foreign diplomats in Kenya, 
  • The Platform is capable of publicising comprehensive information on any report if the situation so demands, 
  • The Platform has long shelf-life advantage, 
  • The Platform is convenient to use and is reference-friendly, 
  • The platform is cost-effective, more than 50% lower than the conventional media. 

This Guide is published by Express Communications Ltd, the leading ALTERNATIVE MEDIA in Kenya and active member of the Kenya Private Sector Alliance (KEPSA). The initiative is endorsed by the National and County governments, KEPSA, the Commission for the Implementation of the Constitution (CIC) and the Transition Authority.

Visit the www.newlookkenya.com website for more information